King 3B Trombone Restoration

You can see that the tuning slide has some lacquer loss. Especially in areas where there were previous dents that were removed. Lots of scratches in the brass as well.

You can see that the bell has lots of little dings and scratches as well.

Again, you can see that the brass has dings and scratches all over.

You can see the goosneck/receiver is not lined up correctly.

Once the lacquer is stripped, you can really tell how many imperfections are in the brass.

A better angle to show the gooseneck alignment.

The horn gets hard-buffed so we can really see what we're working with.

Starting to sand the scratches out of the bell.

We make sure to keep away from the engraving. We generally leave those untouched and just lightly buff and polish. Preserving original engravings and markings are a high priority.

Working the dents out of the bell and rolling it smooth.

Buffing out the sanding marks to see how much more work there is to do.

Once we get the sanding marks out, we polish the horn to a very high shine to see what all we missed. And the process starts over again.

Almost ready to be lacquered.

The completed restoration.